1. The bulk of the Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPI”) is set to come into effect on 1 July 2021. Anyone processing personal information within South Africa will need to comply with POPI. As a result, schools and businesses are taking steps to ensure that their personal data as well as the personal data of their own clients is being processed and protected in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. To achieve this goal, schools and businesses are considering the need for their service providers to undertake additional compliance measures in line with applicable data protection legislation.
  2. Exclusive Expert Media  is committed to compliance  with data protection legislation and to provide EE-Media customers with the necessary assurance that EE-Media acts responsibly in processing the personal data that is entrusted to it. 
  3. All EE-Media customers can rest assured that we processes information in compliance with POPI and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) as well as other applicable data protection legislation in jurisdictions where these apply. In the months and years running up to the implementation of POPI and GDPR, EE-Media has already implemented changes to the terms and conditions regulating how we processes and protects your personal data, as well as the personal data of your own clients. It is unnecessary for EE-Media customers to obtain any type of assurance or undertaking from EE-Media, in respect of data protection, since the EE-Media terms and conditions already contain such provisions and it would be impractical and unnecessary for us to provide additional undertakings in this regard.
  4. EE-Media values the data of all its clients and undertakes to do everything in its power to ensure that the correct procedures are followed in the processing, storage and use of a EE-Media customer’s personal data.
  5. EE-Media continuously takes technical and organisational measures aimed at protecting the integrity and confidentiality of our customer data against loss, damage, unauthorised access or other unlawful forms of data processing. These data safeguards are regularly tested to ensure the safety and security of all our customer data. EE-Media regularly reviews and implements further measures to ensure that all our systems comply with the high data protection standards set by data protection legislation.
  6. EE-Media processes personal information in accordance with the EE-Media Privacy Policy, which can be found at https://www.ee-media.co.za/popi. For further information regarding data security and hosting, please visit the EE-Media https://www.ee-media.co.za/popi
  7. EE-Media customers who wish to confirm that their data is being processed and protected in accordance with applicable data protection legislation may rely on the terms and conditions of the Software Subscription Agreement (between EE-Media and its corporate clients) or the End User License Agreement (between EE-Media and individuals who make use of the various EE-Media platforms) depending on which is applicable. Any questions you may have regarding data privacy and security may be directed to info@ee-media.co.za
  8. Should EE-Media become aware of any unauthorised access to any data by any unauthorized person or third party, or become aware of any other security breach relating to the data of a EE-Media customer, EE-Media shall immediately notify the relevant EE-Media customer. In such an event, EE-Media shall fully and immediately comply with the applicable laws and shall take the appropriate steps in the circumstances to remedy the data breach.
  9. You can be assured that EE-Media will continue to do whatever may be required to ensure the lawful processing, storage and use of all personal data that is submitted to EE-Media for processing. We look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship.